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Professional Skydiving

"Let a little extreme into your life!"


Starting at $230

 Perfect for first time jumpers looking for the adventure of a lifetime!

Most Popular Tandem Skydive Packages




Starting at $320

Includes professional 12 MP photos of the entire experience!

"It's all about the people you meet. Many of my students have become lifelong friends."      

Kevin Sr. Tandem Instructor

Combat Veteran, 1st Armored Division U.S. Army


$800 (for 2)

The ultimate

romantic adventure! Includes professional stills and video footage!


Welcome to Oz!

If you're looking for a life-changing experience in Pennsylvania or New York, look no further! At Freefall Oz Skydiving we're all about living the dream and sharing it with others. Our instructors are military veterans with years of experience and thousands of jumps behind them.

The only thing we take more seriously than the sport itself is our responsibility to our students - not only in practicing the most rigorous standards for safe and responsible skydiving, but in giving you the best skydiving adventure that we possibly can. We limit the number of students we jump each day to ensure that you receive one-to-one instruction and the kind of personal attention that makes us the best skydiving option in the Pennsylvania and New York area.

"I am continually asked by students if I still get a buzz? And the answer is definitely yes - particularly just after you land a tandem, seeing the look on the customers face, their reaction and knowing you have just helped them experience a life changing event!"

Simon, Sr. Tandem Instructor

Distinguished Veteran of the Royal Navy